Return to Forever – Romantic Warrior (1976)

Ah again a classic. Classic in older material, not in the sense of being for eternity. Why? Well, it’s freakish jazz rock. I mean, jazz rock is is freakish to being with. But to have freakish jazz rock . . . . Well I’ll stop here. Apart from me saying it’s nice to listen to once in a while. I like Chick Corea’s playing and still am a fan of his analogue synth sounds and the Fender Rhodes. But what I really like is how Lenny White’s drums sound. The tom-toms are just sounding great: very open, clear. Al diMeola is OK, I like him more on his solo albums.

Unfortunately some tracks are a bit corny, such as Majestic Dance and The Magician. The rest is good for the genre in it’s era.