Frank Zappa – Tinseltown Rebellion (1981)

This is a very nice live album by FZ. The band is tight, mostly playing golden oldies and an occasional new song. TRB has some fine fine guitar solo’s and spectacular drumming by Vinnie Colaiuta, especially during those guitar solo’s. Of course his drum fill in the first bars of Pick Me, I’m Clean is fingerlicking good. Also note the perfectly sounding snare drum. In Zappa’s band, Vinnie Colaiuta had his finest moments. In later years his playing became less outspoken, having less identity. A special mention of Bob Harris who has a star performance in Love of My Life: high notes will never be the same.

If I’m correct this was the first record having the running gag of “Another great Italian”, with Warren Cuccurullo imitating Al diMeola’s playing.

Also it seems this is the second time FZ refers to the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The first time was the sleeve of We’re Only In It for The Money.