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Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

Well, basically, this is a classic, selling millions (I guess).  Some don’t get used to rap, but no doubt: this is very funky music (check Suck my Kiss). Sometimes a bit folky (Breaking the Girl) to get a break from the right in your face music. Of course it had some major hits: Give it Away and Under the Bridge. The last bunch of the tracks are more rock oriented.

Production wise (I know, it’s an ugly word), the album is right into your face. Immediately in the first song – The Power of Equality – listen to the drums: they’ve been recorded twice. Split extreme onto the left and right channel. Normally a technique used to create heavy guitar tracks. Here, it creates some heavy drums. The guitar on this album is kept direct and very transparent. The bass, well, is low and funky.