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Steven Wilson – Insurgentes (2009)

A solo project by Steven Wilson. Interesting, but will it be different from all the other projects he undertakes? Well yes and no: it depends with which ones it’s being compared. In short, it mostly sounds like Porcupine Tree, with some Bass Communion and No-Man influences. The general mix is somewhat more spacy or roomy. Maybe Insurgentes is even revisiting the sound and songs of the early Porcupine Tree. I think it’s in general more melodic and laid back than the last Porcupine Tree albums, which were more going to the heavier side of rock music. As such I think it is a welcome additional to the already large catalog produced by Steven Wilson.

Still I wonder when he’d play with equally avant garde musicians outside his own circle. I bet he can be more adventurous than he is on this record.

What I like is the attention to detail to the release in a large book with two cds and a dvd. amd many pictures. It’s not cheap, but worthwhile. And it is the means to battle downloading illegal copies. That is, the real fans and those that can pay it will buy it will not upload it to torrent sites. And if you do, Steven Wilson assures us he will track you down.