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Steven Wilson – Insurgentes DVD (2010)

This week I bought Steven Wilson’s Insurgentes, a documentary on him as a person as well as his music. It also has a bonus DVD which contains a long excerpt of a Bass Communion concert and some unreleased Insurgentes songs and some songs with different mixes and edits.

The documentary is interesting to watch. It’s not a straightforward documentary but has some artistically and abstract footage of landscapes, airports and cities. It’s a nice piece of work detailing his opinions about music, destroying Ipods because of their lack of sound quality and the convenience of acquiring music. He revisits his school and school-days, although he’s still a bit young to do so in my opinion.

The added songs on the second disc are very nice. I especially like A Western Home, according to Wilson an orphan song because it didn’t fit other albums. Maybe that’s why I like it. And the drums are beautifully recorded.

Interestingly, he mentions Frank Zappa twice, once as a genius. I don’t think Steven Wilson is a genius. But I do like his work ethics, releasing a lot of music, mostly of high quality and very diverse. However, most of the times his influence on various can be heard clearly.

From all his projects in which he is involved I think No-Man is the one I’d take to the proverbial deserted island.