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David Bowie – Scary Monsters and Super Freaks

Talking about having guts! The man definitely has got it. Opening the record with It’s No Game (part one) with Japanese and English vocals. The Japanese vocals speaking, not singing. Bowie ‘singing’ quite off-key. Of course, David Bowie is not your average artist, but I can imagine that, back then, it still must have been something to get used to. I don’t remember this myself, having bought the records close to the release date. The core of the songs is straight forward pop and rock song. but the execution, the arrangements if you will, are definitely off the wall. What would you expect when asking Robert Fripp to do the lead guitar. I also suspect quite some irony or plain fun and jokes. For instance, in the hit record Ashes to Ashes, there is a section where Bowie repeated his own singing in a lower voiced sprechgesang. Quite literally: he even repeats the “woouuwoo” as sprechgesang which sounds quite comical. Or what about the title track Scary Monster (and Super Freaks) sung in sort of a cockney dialect. Fashion is another classic, not sure whether he’s making fun of the scene or not. To be honest he, as a performing artist, was part of that scene. Still, I suspect it is tongue-in-cheek. All-in-all a classic even though I do not listen to it often.