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Mike Keneally – Hat.

First heard of Mike Keneally on a radio show by Co de Kloet celebrating Frank Zappa’s music. It must have been around the 1988 FZ tour. This is his first full-blown cd, very eclectic, spontaneous. Maybe a musicians’ cd, but who cares. It definitely has a Mike Keneally feel to it already. It ranges from harmony vocal popsongs, heavy rock, experimental fooling around. Songs don’t have the standard lyrics: listen to The Car Song. References go back to the 70s (Eno and the Actor), and 80s (cf. XTC). Definitely one of my all time favorites.

The hat – if I’m correct – he received from a fan in the Netherlands during a Z tour. Just as the BeatlesĀ  got their hats (cf Help) from the 1964 canal tour in the Netherlands .