John Scofield – Hand Jive (1993)

Mr. Scofield re-inventing himself, sort of … Funky Jazz with a guitar sound always recognizable, as with all great musicians. I am not his greatetest fan but it turns out I already have a respectable number of his albums. Were is first albums more rock oriented, even a somewhat less subtle (with the hardhitter Dennis Chambers on drums), with Bill Stewart on drums it is all about being relaxed. The mix is also very transparant. Only the usual effects on Scofield’s guitar.

David Sylvian – The Good Son vs The Only Daughter (the Blemish remixes) (2004)

A trend for a long time: you have your successful album, hand over the tapes to renowned producers and let them remix your original music and then release it. There you go. But . . . this is actually a very good album. I wouldn’t have thought another take on Blemish would bring new stuff. But it did. Mind you, appreciating the remixes will only work if you know the originals. So, my advice: get Blemish first and – if you like it – go for the remixes as well.

David Sylvian – Blemish (2003)

I became interested in Sylvian’s music quite late (some 12 years ago, he’s been around quite longer), but must say I appreciate his work a lot, but not all. However, Blemish is already one of my all time favorites. The dream like sounds and progressions are very to my liking. The orchestration, or arangements if you will, are innovative, but I suspect not to everybody’s liking.

It is an intimate record, mainly produced by David Sylvian, and only in some instances augmented by others. It seemsĀ  quite a departure from his earlier work. Less rock or world oriented, but more ambient. Definitely worthwhile to listen to.